Sunday 29 March 2015

Ugadi Special Sweet

Chanadal-1 cup
Jaggery--11/4 cup
maida--3/4 cup
Wheat flour--1/2 cup
Salt--a pinch
Ghee, Oil,
Rice Flour...4 Tblspoon for dredging.

Mix maida and wheat flour with salt and oil and enough water to make a soft and stiff  dough. Knead well and close it for an hour.

Soak chanadal in water for 1/2 an hour.Boil in a cooker and strain. Add jaggery with dhal and boil till the mixture thicken. Remove and cool.Grind to a fine paste. Make small balls from this.
Take a small banana leaf or thick plastic sheet and grease with oil. Also grease your hands with oil. Place maida ball in the centre and make a small round with hands. Place chanadhal ball and fold the edges. Fold  the edges and gently flatten each ball carefully with your fingers to form a 6"diamater flat circular poli or dredge with rice flour and make like chappaathis also.

Fry it on low flame in a hot tava. Roast both sides till brown. Smear with ghee on both sides.
This Bobattu is a special sweet for Ugadi in Andhra..It called Puranpoli in Maharashtra and a special for their new year Gudi Padwa.

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